About Alec

Who am I?

Why choose me and not someone else!

If you’ve got to this page then you are likely already looking for a coach and don’t need to know why you need one. Check my coaching page first if this isn’t the case.

What you really want to know is why to choose me as your coach and not one of my competitors.

How to choose a coach?

  1. Work out what you want, e.g. “better quality of life” or “find motivation”
  2. Look for coaches in that area or with relevant experience
  3. Check qualifications, references, etc
  4. Try them out, read their bios, give them a call

You don’t need to like your coach, but it helps to trust and respect them. You’re unlikely to do either without getting to know me a little. The free 20-minute demonstration call is a great way of doing this. Reading the rest of this page may also help.

I know I won’t suite everyone and frankly not everyone will suite me. It is important that we can have a professional relationship. 

What are you like?

  • successful in your field but feel that there should be more to your life or work
  • contemplating a big change, maybe career or location
  • everything is just OK but you want more
  • a millennial in a new job and realising you’re not as special as you were told
  • some difficulty with communication, whether that’s performing or presenting or just being heard
  • new business owner with too many things to do and not knowing what to do next
  • faced with a large project and not knowing where to start, e.g. writing a book
  • looking to improve your skills particularly in communication or problem-solving

Am I relevant to you?

What do I know how to do that you need right now?

  • How to face challenges both big and small
  • How to plan to meet your objectives
  • How to learn and identify what skills or resources you are missing
  • How to prioritise tasks so that there is continual progress
  • How to hold you accountable to take action
  • How to have fun getting it done​

Some challenges I have personally faced and overcome;

  • Completed a PhD in Chemistry – a three-year project that included skilling up, lecturing/presenting, hard work and writing a 300,000 word book.
  • IT Service Management career – a change of career from Chemistry to IT, reskilling, large numbers of complex projects, corporate and SME companies, using structured frameworks to deliver efficient and high-quality services, i.e. a highly logical thinker.
  • Emigrated Family – change of country, complete restart of life, i.e. new home, new schools, new job, new car, new bank, without friends, without family, no support, etc. Massive personal change.
  • Healthy body – finding motivation to correct nutrition and levels of exercise.
  • Hypnotist, NLP Coach – a change of career from IT to therapist/coach, reskilling, patching people instead of systems.

Common across all of my challenges;

  • Change Management – I’ve been there and done it from the massive, e.g. emigrating, to the medium, e.g. career change, to the small e.g. implementing a new IT system
  • Education – I’ve never stopped, having succeeded to the highest levels in academia and across multiple disciplines in work both soft and technical
  • Teaching – In the majority of my challenges I have had the opportunity to teach others with less skill, this includes chemistry, IT, coaching, communications and problem solving. I’m good at it, how do I know, because students tell me very regularly and I see the results.
  • Setting goals and planning

Great but can I coach?

My first formal coaching course was over fifteen years ago and my last was less than a year ago, i.e. I keep my education up to date and have been doing so for a long time. I am a certified Life and Success Coach, a Master NLP Practitioner and a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist. If you are interested in hypnotherapy to overcome an unwanted behaviour then please check my clinical hypnotherapy practice at Mind Patching.

I use coaches myself and know how effective they are for my success and I use that learning in my practice as your coach.

​But am I any good? I’m an introvert so I don’t like showing off and I’m naturally modest but I know that I am a great coach. I know that I’m great for two main reasons; 

  1. Results – my clients have achieved overwhelmingly great results for many years
  2. Feedback – my clients regularly provide feedback and it is also overwhelmingly positive

Both reasons have continued to improve year in year, i.e. I started out as good and continue to get better and better. 

Book a 20 minute free demonstration call and let me prove it to you. 

I have a fairly eclectic mix of experience, but I have learned to speak many languages including science, nerd, IT, service management, executive, shop floor, layman, granny and friend.

A little bit about me

I have a wonderful wife, two beautiful sons, two cats and a border collie, so I’m very much a typical family man. My interests include kitesurfing, Surf Life Saving, technology and you.

Take action NOW

OK, you’re at step four now, you’ve checked my experience seen my qualifications and references. If you like what you see then you need to take action now, pick up the phone and call me to book that free 20-minute demo call.