How does coaching help me?

Why do I need a coach?

Just in case you’ve got to this page and don’t know the answer or are still not convinced by what you know or have read in About.

Take a look at all the people in the world who really succeed! That depends on what success looks like to you but if it’s financial, career or sports success then the majority of people who are successful in those areas have at least one coach.

If you take athletes as an example even the elite employ coaches. But if they are already elite why have a coach?

An athletics coach is not an expert in doing anything other than coaching. Their job is to question the athlete about what they are doing poorly and what they can do better, not to give answers but to ask questions. The answers come from the athletes. The athlete gets the benefit of the answers that they would not have heard if no-one was asking the questions. It is extremely difficult to ask yourself these questions and much easier to pay someone to do it for you.

The coach also doesn’t need to fully understand the answers but they do hold the athlete to account by getting agreement from them with the when, where and how they will action the answers. The effect is continual improvement in performance and success. 

The story is the same with business leaders or any other pursuit of success. 

If you would like to hear this action and immediately see the benefits for yourself then contact me now to book a free 20-minute sample session.

Qualified Hypnotist

Your mind is a big collection of processes that are aiming to keep you safe or more accurately to survive. Each process tries to make sense of some information and then typically triggers something to happen, a behaviour.

The information is a combination of what we sense (see, hear, touch, taste, etc) and what we have sensed before (our memory). As we compare information we either assume it is the same or different, and then act accordingly.

If how we act gives an outcome that seems to increase our chance of survival then we learn the behavior and are likely to do it again the next time we match the information. 

Some of my coaching is hypnotic in nature but I do not hypnotise anyone when coaching. I am a qualified professional Master Clinical Hypnotherapist and can treat you for a wide range of issues, e.g. anxiety, depression, phobias and addictions. If this is of interest to you then please visit my hypnotherapy business website Mind Patching.